The trip to Boga: a great time spent together

Finally, the long awaited summer trip with the teenagers from Gepiu happen last week-end! Everybody was so excited about it, for almost one month since we told them, that they would ask me every time we’ve met “When do we go?”

We left on Thursday evening, heading to the mountains; the weather cast was contradictory, we hoped for good weather, but you never know – I asked everybody to have rain coats with them, strong boots and good protection for moisture over night. Also we prepared for strong sunlight, as that can become an important factor when hiking. Being well prepared, having all the stuff, I thought we’ve got everything right!

 DSCN2024We decided to be brave! We took the mountain trip to Boga, in the Apuseni Mountains, and we arrived after about two hours driving. We stayed in a small yet welcoming wooden hut, a little bit too small for 21 people, but lucky us – we had some extra tents available! And don’t believe there was no wish for tent accommodation! We almost had to ask them to get in the house! Anyway, the first night was just for getting our heads around and eat the dinner. Very important! After that, we split in two teams, as there was a promisse for nice prizes ahead!

Friday was our “long distance trip and don’t complain about it” day. The Apuseni Mountains area is full of interesting places to visit, many impressive landscapes, nice fast little rivers, water falls, caves and stone walls, huge forests with old trees and so on. There’s a ton of touristic objectives to be seen. The only problem is the distance from Boga, which is not exactly in the center of the area, and so we had to take a 32 Km walking trip to see the Galbena – one of these beautiful places. That is about 20 miles to walk in a single day, up and down the mountains, by unexperienced young and restless trippers! On top of that, some of the people forgot to take their strong boots, instead showed up wearing light sandals! How funny is that!? Well, it wasn’t gonna be an easy day for us, the grown-ups…DSCN2126

Pretty soon, the enjoyment turned into commitment, still there were no serious complains. It was only after another 10 Km or so when we took a longer break and at that point some of us decided they couldn’t go on. They accepted to wait there, but eventually we decided they should go back together with one of the supervisors. So, about one third gave up, even though we could see from the distance the destination… What a valuable lessons to learn! Of course the last few steps – in fact more than that, last few miles – are the toughest, but without taking them, the reward is only partial!

The rest continued the trip and soon we arrived to the most interesting part: crossing the river, climbing on steep hills, making sure we survive! Well, I must admit we had our victims, but the worst that happen was a simple yet unwanted fall in the cold water, few wet shoes and hurting soles, but what’s that to these young and strong fellows? They turned everything into fun and we all enjoyed it!

DSCN2233We got back to the hut only in the evening, around 9 pm, after a full and tireing day, and the dinner was most appreciated, so much that no one wanted to take a well deserved rest after it, but instead they all became energetic and active! That was an unexpected way to end up, at least to us the old and boring grow-ups. So, the teens decided to give us a lessons of what a trip to the mountains means and they found a way to keep us all awake until four in the morning, driving us crazy… Actually, the hut helped a lot, as any small move would be heard all over the house, like squeaks and creaks and bangs! Hm, what a terrible night…

For sleep that is! Because in the morning, everyone was fresh and able to start everything all over again! At this point, at 9 am on Saturday, because the old boring guys still had the power, we call a general meeting and had them promisse the next and last night they’ll be good and behave properly. And what do you know?…

DSCN2143All Saturday was rainy and cold. We only took advantage of some small breaks in the rain fall and walk around for one or two hours. The fresh air and the good food kept us happy and the day ended up in a good mood. We had a great fellowship time singing and praying together, and singing some more… Indeed, being in a “less official” environment helps a lot for having an open heart and open mind, and it is very beneficial to spent some time together this way, as a Christian group, simply because it drives us closer to what the Jesus’ way was. Simple friendly talks, yet serious message, fellowship, friendship. It won’t get much more real than that!DSCN2259

After that, in the evening, everyone wanted to do some games and we spent another few hours laughing and having a good time, making fun of eachother, and that just reminded me how nice is to have good friends, Christians that can have fun, without ever getting grumpy or upset with the innocent practical jokes… This kind of hangs out together are simply wondeful and get every one so bound to the others. The benefit is on long term, I am sure!

DSCN2115To our surprise, yes, they kept the promise! We had a good long sleep, so good that I decided to delay the “wake time” with some good two hours. After that, Sunday at the noon,  we had the “church program” with songs, praying and a short message from the Bible, which was in connection with the body of Christ, the unity that develops in diversity, as each one of us have different abilities, personalities, wishes and desires. We’re all a single body though. We have to learn about this and be willing to share everything with each other! I thought that was a good and constructive way to conclude these three days of fellowship in the mountains.

DSCN2266In the afternoon, after a delicious Sunday lunch, we started packing and by 5 o’clock pm we were ready to leave. Not before handing some interesting diplomas and prizes. We had a prize for everyone, except that there was a winner team and a looser team. I won’t get into details, as I personally was in the… second winner team (out of two) so, no reason to joke about! We’ve prepared diplomas for the most sleepy, hungry, funny, optimistic, courages, and so on. No one was forgoten, one way or another, to everybody’s amusament.

I believe the biggest benefit of this trip is that we really could get closer to eachother, by doing things that we don’t normally have the chance doing. I can think of the two boys helping a girl not to fall in the water, or carrying the bag for the other one which is so tired… Getting to know the other’s strong and weak points and trying to help and to encourage when needed really helped us all learned a valuable lesson: we are all together in one single team, and we all should complete eachother in the best way possible.

DSCN2345Everybody enjoyed the camp, everybody wants to go back there one day. We want to thank you all that made this possible and we appreciate and are greatful we’ve got the chance to take this trip! It was a much anticipated event for the summer and both us and the teenagers enjoyed it every bit! Thank you.

                                                                  Adi Matis,

                                                                  project manager Smiles 100 Club

                                                                  15th July, 2009


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